Club Policy

PURPOSE - To document the agreed processes and procedures with respect three core operational aspect of the Carbine Club of Hong Kong being, Debtor Management, Payment Procedures and Event Booking


SCOPE This procedure relates to management of events and the payment by members (and others) for participating in those events.



  • Honorary Treasurer – shall ensure the requirements of this procedure are carried out effectively.

  • Club President – shall review and approve any decisions arising from the operation of this policy

  • Club Secretariat – shall follow the requirements of this policy and advise members of changes

  • CCHK Committee – shall be accountable to membership for the effective operation of this policy and conduct a review of this policy at least annually.



  • Payments of invoices may be made using only the following methods;

  • Payment by credit card as detailed on an invoice

  • Payment by electronic banking where the name of the member can be clearly identified by the receiving bank and the Payer (member) has emailed a copy of the transaction details to the CCHK Hon Treasurer (

  • Payment by Cheque where the cheque and invoice stub are mailed the address on the invoice.



  • For CCHK Members, payment terms on invoices are strictly 14 days from the date of invoice.  Invoices will be issued in the name of the member.  Invoices will not be issued in the name of corporate entities on behalf of a member.

  • For Member bookings from CCHK sister clubs, payment will be made by credit card or bank transfer prior to the day of the event.

  • For Non-member bookings (E.g. Australian Racing Tours), payment in full will be made by bank transfer or Credit Card 7 days prior to the event.  For bookings of more than 24 people, a non-refundable 20% deposit will be required at the time of the booking being made.

  • Arising from a suggestion at the AGM, a member shall not be permitted to book or attend a CC event unless all prior debts have been cleared. 

  • The Treasurer with the approval of the President may require a party to prepay future event bookings if that party has a track record of overdue payments

  • If a member has debts outstanding for more than 90 days then the Committee may suspend that members membership until such time as all debts have been cleared. 



  • To assist with efficient planning of events members are required to confirm final table numbers 1 week before an event. 

  • After the cut-off date, table numbers may be increased subject to capacity however may not be reduced.

  • It will be the members responsibility to fill all committed seats.


EXCEPTIONS – Exceptions may be granted via joint discretion of the President and Hon Treasurer.

SANCTION – the Committee reserves the right to impose sanctions in the usual form and manner for any policy breaches

REPORTING – sanctions and exceptions issued under these policies are to be reported to the Committee in a timely manner.